February 2021. Jacquie Maria Wessels 'Garage Stills' will soon become part of the collection of the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam [NL]. Recently the board of directors of the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam has decided to add four works from the series Garage Stills to the collection of the museum. The works are selected by Mattie Boom and Hans Rooseboom, curators of photography at the Rijksmuseum.

December 2020 - April 2021. From the 5th of December 2020 until the beginning of April 2021 works from Jacquie Maria Wessels series Birdmen will be on show at the glass dome of restaurant JinSo in the BijlmerArena, Amsterdam [NL]. The exhibition is part of the 'Three Little Birds' project, a multimedia exhibition with audio, photography and street art at the Johan Cruijff Boulevard in the BijlmerArena. The photo's are installed in front of the windows of JinSo, so they can be viewed corona-proof from the outside. Address: JinSo, Johan Cruijff Boulevard 155, 1101 EJ Amsterdam Zuidoost, the Netherlands.


New dates MIA Photo Fair Milan: 6 - 10 October, 2021. After careful analysis of the current global spread of Covid-19, the organizers of MIA Photo Fair have decided to cancel the 2020 edition, initially scheduled for March 2020 and to postpone the international photography and moving image art fair to early Autumn 2021. During this 10th edition of the MIA Photo Fair, Galerie Baudelaire presents a solo show with photography by Jacquie Maria Wessels from her series Cityscapes and Garage Stills. MIA Photo Fair will take place in the new venue of SUPERSTUDIO MAXI in via Moncucco, in the Famagosta area, near to Navigli. MIA Photo Fair 2021 – Tenth edition | Milano, SUPERSTUDIO MAXI (via Moncucco) | 6 - 10 October, 2021.


October 1 - 4, 2020: BIG ART 2020. In October BIG ART is back at the HEMBRUG presenting 100 XL artworks by contemporary artists and designers. Jacquie Maria Wessels presents at BIG ART 2020 an installation consisting of a composition of four works from her analogue series Garage Stills. Address: Hembrugterrein - Project.Fabriek, Middenweg 63, 1505 RK Zaandam. Open from 11 am to 7 pm.

Solo exhibition at MIA Photo Fair Milan, Italy. Represented by Galerie Baudelaire. Due to the outbreak of the coronavirus in Northern Italy, the organizers of the MIA Photo Fair have decided to postpone the upcoming edition of the event. The international art fair, dedicated to photography and moving image, was scheduled for March 19 - 22, 2020. The new date of the MIA Photo Fair will be communicated shortly.

December 2019: Group exhibition at Project 2.0/Gallery with work by Jacqueline Bozon, Ben Thomas, Jacquie Maria Wessels and Kim de Molenaer. Noordeinde 57, 2514 GC The Hague, the Netherlands.

September 19 - 22, 2019: Galerie Baudelaire on tour - Jacquie Maria Wessels & Martijn Doolaard. Duo exhibition during Unseen Amsterdam. Opening: Thursday September 19, 18 - 21h. Westergasfabriek: Pazzanistraat 11, 1014 DB Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

September 12 - 15, 2019: 'Garage Stills' on view at BIG ART 2019, represented by Galerie Baudelaire. For 4 days the industrial Hembrugterrein is occupied by XL artworks of contemporary artists and designers. A unique mix of monumental paintings and drawings, large sculptures, big photos and huge installations by acclaimed names and emerging talents. On show, and for sale! Address: Hembrugterrein - Projectfabriek - Middenweg 63 - Zaanstad - the Netherlands. Opening hours: 11 am / 7 pm - 10 Euro - Free for children (0 / 11) - Free parking.

March 22 - 25, 2019: Solo exhibition 'Garage Stills' at MIA Photo Fair in Milan, Italy. Represented by Galerie Baudelaire.

March 2019: Publication 'Studio Visit Jacquie Maria Wessels' by Alex de Vries in Art Magazine MISTER MOTLEY.

December 2018: Artwork of the month 'Garage Still #10/2017' curated by Astrid Gallinat at the online art platform ARTIFICIALIS.

September 16 - October 27, 2018: Solo exhibition 'Garage Stills' at Galerie Baudelaire. Address: Plantin en Moretuslei 119, 2140 Antwerp, Belgium. Opening: Sunday September 16 from 14-17h.

Summer 2018: Photo Route Bijlmer 'Cityscapes + Birdmen' - Outdoor photo route in Amsterdam Bijlmer and exhibition at Bijlmer Parktheater from June 22 - August 5, 2018. Part of 50 jaar Bijlmer. Outside locations: Hoekenrodeplein (Bijlmer ArenA station), Bijlmerplein, around Anton de Komplein and the Bijlmer Parktheater (with exposition inside). Opening: Thursday June 21 from 17-19h at the Bijlmer Parktheater, Anton de Komplein 240, Amsterdam ZO

July 14 - August 5, 2018: Exhibition 'Kwaku 94' at Kwaku Summer Festival, part of Photo Route Bijlmer. Address: Nelson Mandelapark, Amsterdam Zuidoost, the Netherlands.

June 2018: Solo exhibition 'Garage Stills' at Photo Basel from June 12 - 17, 2018.  Location: Volkshaus Basel, Rebgasse 12, CH - 4058 Basel, Switzerland. Represented by Galerie Baudelaire - Booth 11.

March 2018, A selection of works from the series Garage Stills is in the collection of Huis Marseille - Museum for Photography in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Now also on view on the website of Huis Marseille:

March 2018, Cityscapes now on view on Scopio Network, an independent platform for art and photography related to Architecture, City and Territory.

November 2017, The Photography and Visual Arts Festival Encontros da Imagem in Braga (Portugal) was a great success with more than 52.000 visitors. The festival ended officially on the 29th of October 2017.

September 2017, From the 15th of September until the 29th of October 2017 the exhibition Garage Stills will be on show at the Photography and Visual Arts Festival Encontros da Imagem in Braga, Portugal. Opening: 16th of September 2017, 15.00h

August 2017, Cityscapes + Birdmen in 'Barends en Pijnappel Fotocollectie', a photo book by Henrik Barends and Anneke Pijnappel with an introduction by Eric Min, Voetnoot Publishers.

May 2017, Museum Night 2017 at the Surinaams Museum in Paramaribo was a great success. The exhibition 'Cityscapes + Birdmen' attracted more than 670 visitors.

April 2017, Television interview 'Cityscapes+Birdmen', RBN Suriname-TV Halaat Multiculti Cultuur, 21st of April 2017

April 2017, Review exhibition 'Cityscapes + Birdmen' in Dagblad Suriname, 22nd of April 2017

April 2017, Articles in the press exhibition 'Cityscapes + Birdmen' at the Surinaams Museum in Paramaribo, Suriname

April 2017, Exhibition 'Cityscapes + Birdmen' at the Surinaams Museum in Paramaribo from the 23rd of April until the 29th of June 2017. Opening: 22nd of April, 17-20h

July 2016, Huis Marseille - Museum for Photography Amsterdam has recently acquired some works of the series Garage Stills for the collection of their museum.

February 2016, Museum Het Valkhof Nijmegen, Photography Extended III, Staged Photography, Exhibition with 12 artists: Ruth van Beek, Kim Boske, Popel Coumou, Femke Dekkers, Scarlett Hooft Graafland, Csilla Klenyanszki, Juul Kraijer, Diana Scherer, Marleen Sleeuwits, Isabelle Wenzel, Manon Wertenbroek and Jacquie Maria Wessels. Opening February 14, exhibition from February 6 till May 8 2016.

December 2015, Museum IJsselstein. Magische Momenten bij MIJ. Nederlands top fotowerk bijeengebracht i.s.m. DuPho en GKf. Deelnemende fotografen zijn: Arnoud Bakker, Dorothee Bavink, Gerlo Beernink, Jaap Bijsterbosch, Diana Blok, Diana Blok en Sonia Herman Dolz, Hans van den Bogaard, Marijke Bresser, Paul Breuker, Bob Bronshoff, Jantien de Bruin, Albert Brunsting, Aleid Denier van der Gon, Flip Franssen, Frits Gerritsen, Hans Gerritsen, Rene Gerritsen, Andre Homan, Inge Hondebrink, Barend Houtsmuller, Paul van Hulzen, Renata Jansen,Theo Jennissen, Anja de Jong, Eduard de Kam, Eric Kampherbeek, Roeland Koning, Gerard Kuster, Bas Marien, Ilya van Marle, Tom Meerman-Triton, Bas de Meijer,Gerard Merkelbach, Susanne Middelberg, Marcel Minneje, Alex ten Napel, Bernadet de Prins, Eveline Renaud, Michiel de Ruiter, Ilse Schrama, Nicole Segers, Marian van de Veen-van Rijk, Elsje van der Velde , Anoushka van Velzen, Jac Weerts, Willem Wernsen, Jacquie Maria Wessels, Dirk Wiersma, Dinie Wikkerink, Michiel Wijnbergh, Camilla van Zuylen. Tentoonstelling van 12 december tot 8 maart 2015.

September 2015, 50 Surinaamse Kunstschatten, Book launch Bart Krieger. Publication page 62-63. Parbode, Caribbean Media Group 9789079557073, Available at Rijksmuseum, Atheneum books

September 2014, Power Plant Gallery, Durham NC, USA, A Survey of Documentary Styles in Early 21st Century Photobooks: The Indie Photobook Library’s seminal traveling exhibition, curated by Larissa Leclair and Darius Himes, arrives at Duke, after stops in New York, San Francisco and DC. “A Survey of Documentary Styles in early 21st century Photobooks” draws from the iPL collection and features 70 photobooks. Duke University Power Plant Gallery Power Plant Building, Suite 100 American Tobacco Campus 320 Blackwell Street Durham, NC 27701 Phone: 919-660-3622 September 19–November 7, 2014 Reception: October 9, 2014, 5–8pm, with Larissa Leclair of the Indie Photobook Library The exhibition catalog, designed by Patrick Aguilar of Owl & Tiger Books, is available through Blurb.

September 2013, Photoville New York, The Indie Photobook Library seminal traveling exhibition, curated by Larissa Leclair and Darius Himes, arrives in New York, after stops in San Francisco and DC. 'A Survey of Documentary Styles in early 21st century Photobooks' draws from the iPL collection and features 70 photobooks, along with a selection of photographs from the books. The exhibition looks at the 'documentary tradition' through the lens of a 21st century, global photographic community in which the lines between journalism, art and the long-term documentary project have blurred, morphed and continue to feed off of each other. The books selected for this exhibition present a range of subject matter, each coupled with a particular visual language drawn from a pool of diversity. There are books that speak a more traditional documentary language, while there are those that explicitly critique that very same tradition; there are diaristic books and titles that overlay a typological structure; other books rely primarily on found and vernacular imagery; and there are many books that borrow heavily from an art-photography storehouse. The goal of this exhibition is to survey the field before us and to foreground questions of authorship, voice, style and content.September 19-29 Brooklyn Bridge Park, The Uplands of Pier 5, New York

August 2013, Book review Cityscapes + Birdmen in The Photobook by Douglas Stockdale.

July 2013, Pop-up pride, Photo Tour in Amsterdam. Invitation Opening Locations: Galerie Cultural Speech with: Wendelien Daan, Morad Bouchakour, Paul D Scott, Sander Marsman & Jacquie Maria Wessels. Viewpoint Rokin with Prins de Vos & Iztok Klancar. Work of following Photographers can be seen in the windows: Amaury Miller, Erwin Venema, Paul Koeleman, Marian Bakker, Wendelien Daan, Paul D Scott, Sander Marsman, Iztok Klancar, Gon Buurman, Tara Fallaux, Prins de Vos, Chris Rijksen, Sabrina Bongiovanni, Armando Branco, Romy Treebusch, Jasper Groen, Jan Van Breda, Martijn Gijsbertsen, Erwin Olaf, Geert van Tol & Marije Brouwer. 25-7/8-8-2013 for more information see the website:

July 2013, Review about the book Cityscapes + Birdmen in Bint Photobooks on internet, by Ralph Prins.

Febuary 2013, RAW Art Fair, Rotterdam. Represented by Gallery Cultural Speech. RAW is the new art fair in the city of Rotterdam. Young, fresh and different-that is how it will be! RAW offers its visitors, gallerists, artists and collectors a completely revisited art fair experience. The fair will take place from the 6th to the 10th of February 2013 simultaneously with the established Art Rotterdam and Object Rotterdam. Opening times wed - sat 12.00/21.00 sun 12.00/19.00. RAW Art Fair, Pakhuis Santos, Polsgebied Brede Hilledijk 95, Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

November 2012, ART Gent, Belgium. Represented by Gallery Cultural Speech. A new, high quality art fair that spans four different zones and capitalizes on a unique visitor experience. National and international art, characterised by vision, brashness and ambition. In Young you will discover innovation and get acquainted the established values of tomorrow. Rick Vercauteren, Director of the van Bommel van Dam Museum in Venlo, focuses on the Netherlands and invites new gallerists. Daily, 02.00 PM to 10.00 PM, 30 November till 04 December 2012, Flanders Expo, Ghent, Belgium, Adolphe Pegoudlaan, 9051 Gent, Belgium.

October 2012, Affordable Art Fair, Amsterdam. Represented by Gallery Cultural Speech. A fun four-day event hosting a wealth of galleries and a huge array of contemporary art, the Affordable Art Fair Amsterdam will be taking place between the 25th and 28th October at the Cultuurpark Westergasfabriek. Opening hours: Wednesday 24th of October Private View (Invitation Only) 5.30pm/9.30pm, Thursday 25th of October 11.00am/6.00pm AAFond 6.00pm/9.30pm, Friday 26th of October 11.00am/8.00pm, Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th of October 11.00am/6.00pm, Location: Gashouder Cultuurpark Westergasfabriek, Klonne plein 1, 1014 DD Amsterdam, the Netherlands

October 2012, YIP ART Photography auction. In excess of over 80 world renowned photographers such as Danielle Kwaaitaal, Anton Corbijn, Jasper de Beijer and many more, who have selflessly placed their own work at our disposal. The total profit of the YiPArt photo auction will directly benefit Young in Prison's projects. Exposition: 12th until 14th of October 2012, 10.00 am until 4.00 pm, Auction: 16th of October 2012, at 8.00 pm, Location: Christie's, Cornelis Schuytstraat 57, Amsterdam

September 2012, Gallery Carte Blanche in San Francisco. Exhibition: A Survey of Documentary Styles in early 21st century Photobooks. Gallery Carte Blanche in San Francisco will host the 3rd Indie Photobook Library feature-length exhibition curated by Darius Himes (Assistant Director, Fraenkel Gallery and Co-Founder, Radius Books) and Larissa Leclair (Founder, Indie Photobook Library). Exhibition at Gallery Carte Blanche, 973 Valencia, San Francisco, California, U.S.A. September 14 till October 18 2012, Opening reception Friday, September 14, 2012 with a weekend full of photobook events.

September 2012, Exhibition and Book Launch 'Hommage a Baudelaire'. The group exhibition 'Hommage a Baudelaire' is to see in Galerie Baudelaire. The book launch 'Hommage a Baudelaire' a publication by Henrik Barends en Anneke Pijnappel the founders of Voetnoot-publishers takes place in Modern Antiquariaat Demian, as well as the Voetnoot-expo. Opening/Book Launch 9/9/2012 at 16.00 - 18.00 Click on Invitation to see the participants. Galerie Baudelaire, Vlaamsekaai 28, Antwerp Belgium, open Saturday 14-18 and on appointment. Modern Antiquariaat Demian, Hendrik Conscienceplein 16-18, Antwerp Belgium, open Tue to Sat 11-18. Exhibition 'Hommage a Baudelaire' 9/9 - 6/10/2012

August 2012, Exhibition SBK Den Helder, 25 August till 8 Sept, SBK Den Helder, Windkracht 13, Weststraat 107-109, 1781BZ Den Helder

KUNST RAI 2012, Amsterdam Represented by Gallery Cultural Speech, stand number 22 30 May till 3 June 2012, wed - sat 13.00-21.00 sun 12.00-18.00 Amsterdam Rai, Europaplein, 1078 GZ Amsterdam NL

November 2011, Corcoran Gallery of Art in Washington. Exhibition of the Indie Photobook Library curated by Muriel Hasburn, chair of photography and Susan Sterner, director of photojournalism programs at the Corcoran College of Art + Design. Corcoran Gallery 31 500 Seventeenth Street NW Washington, DC 20006 USA 11/2/-11/20/2011. Review in the Washington Post Express by Mark Jenkins.

October 2011, Review in OSO Magazine 'Tijdschrift voor Surinamistiek en het Caribisch gebied' by Clazien Medendorp about the book Cityscapes + Birdmen by Jacquie Maria Wessels

June 2011, Finnisage of the exhibition 'Cultural speech' with Kalup Linzy, Wouter van Schaik and Jacquie Maria Wessels. Jacquie Maria Wessels participates with 'The Birdman'. Finnisage 19/06/2011 time 17.00-20.00 Invitation Postjesweg 6-8 1057EA Amsterdam +31204121741 Opening hours Wed-Sat 10.00-18.00. Exhibition 'Cultural Speech' 21/4 - 18/6/2011

May 2011, Two Final Awards in the International Book Awards 2011 for the Photo Book 'Cityscapes + Birdmen'. One in the 'Photography: People' category and one in the 'Photography: General'category. Photography Jacquie Maria Wessels - Introduction Michiel van Kempen - Design Barends & Pijnappel - Printing Slinger - Voetnoot-Publishers

May 2011, New York Photo Festival exhibition 'Dutch Delight' in Suite 200 of the 111 Front Street Galleries in Brooklyn, Dumbo. 25 photographers from the Netherlands, Jacquie Maria Wessels participates with 'Living Space'. Exhibition 11/5 - 15/5/2011.

May 2011, Review in Mister Motley by Rob Ritzen, about de exhibition 'Cultural Speech'. with Kalup Linzy, Wouter van Schaik and Jacquie Maria Wessels

May 2011, Review in Kunstbeeld by Manon Braat about the exhibition 'Cultural Speech'. with Kalup Linzy, Wouter van Schaik and Jacquie Maria Wessels

April 2011, Opening exhibition of gCS with Kalup Linzy, Wouter van Schaik and Jacquie Maria Wessels with 'Cultural Speech'. Jacquie Maria Wessels participates with 'The Birdman'. Opening 21/4/2011 at 17.00 Postjesweg 6-8 1057EA Amsterdam +31204121741 Opening hours Wed-Sat 10.00-18.00. Exhibition 'Cultural Speech' 21/4 - 18/6/2011

December 2010, Review in Pf, magazine for professional photographers, about the book Cityscapes + Birdmen by Pieter van Leeuwen.

December 2010, Review in Items, Dutch journal of design, about the book Cityscapes + Birdmen by Erik Mattijssen.

November 2010/2011, Museum of Photography Thessaloniki 'Photobiennale Retrospective', Jacquie Maria Wessels participates with The Birdman Suriname - The Netherlands. Opening day 4-12-2010 at 19.00 Invitation Warehouse A',1st floor, Dock A, Port of Thessaloniki, Greece. Duration of the exhibition 24th of November 2010 > 26th of April 2011

November 2010, Little Big Press Roma, exhibition at Officine Fotografiche Italy curated by 3/3. Little big press exhibition aims to survey the tendencies that, during the last few years, changed thoroughly the world of photo-book publishing. Cityscapes + Birdmen is presented by Voetnoot Publishers Belgium. Fotoleggendo Officine Fotografiche, via di Libetta 1, Roma, Italy. October 9th - November 13th, 2010.

October 2010, De Balie Amsterdam Not in my Backyard:Suriname in this evening photo-works from the book Cityscapes + Birdmen will be exhibited, the book will also be available. De Balie 26th of October 2010 start 20.30 Kleine-Gartmanplantsoen 10 Amsterdam

September 2010, In Heraklion the main city of the Greek island Crete, Jacquie Maria Wessels participates with The Birdman Surinam - The Netherlands, at the main exhibition 'Topos' of the second phase of the 21e Photo Biennale in Greece. Saint George Gate 25th of September - 20th of October 2010. Opening day 27th of September 20.00

September 2010, Exhibition City & Landscapes, Book launch 'Cityscapes + Birdmen'. Galerie Baudelaire, Sint-Paulusstraat 41, B-2000 Antwerp Belgium. 29/8 18/9-2010

September 2010, Photo book 'Cityscapes + Birdmen' by Jacquie Maria Wessels is published by Voetnoot Publishers.

2010, In the summer of 2010 Wessels shows at the Park Gallery in Hoorn, portraits, landscapes and the project 'Living Spaces'. Park Gallery, Schouwburg and Congrescentrum Het Park, Westerdijk 4, 1621 LE Hoorn, The Netherlands. tel. 0031229-219256 / 0031229-401798. 3 July till 10 September 2010, Mon - Fri 13.00 - 17.00, Sa-Sun from 17.00.

April 2010, Jacquie Maria Wessels participates with 'The Birdman' Suriname - The Netherlands at the main exhibition 'Topos' of the 21e Photo Biennale of Thessaloniki Greece. At the Cultural Center of Municipality of Thessaloniki (Gr. Lambraki & Kleanthous street) tel. 2310.909414, Opening hours: Tue-Fri 10.00-14.00, 18.00-21.00, Sat 18.00-21.00, Su 10.00-14, from 21/04 till 09/05-2010. The 'opening day' will be on Wednesday 28th of April at 20:00. The exhibition will be organized in co-operation with the Municipality of Thessaloniki, Department of Cultural Affairs and Youth & the Municipal Gallery.

February 2010, 'Living Space' can be seen on the Pride Photo Award. Het Sieraad, Postjesweg 1, Amsterdam. 20/02 - 14/03 2010. With Kael T. Block, Diana Blok, Ruud van der Peijl, Paul Koeleman, Risk Hazekamp, Morad Bouchakour, Erwin Venema, Merel Zwart, Jacquie Maria Wessels, Bettina Neumann, Jan van Breda, Marian Bakker, Tara Fallaux, Erwin Olaf, Sabrina van den Heuvel, Tania Theodorou, Albert Dijkman & Jasper Groen.

June 2009, On the 40th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots, the Homo-monument Foundation will organize the Photo Exhibition 'Outside'. The exhibition will be held from 27th of June till 9th of August 2009 at the Homo-monument, Westermarkt, Amsterdam. Jacquie Maria Wessels participates with 'Living Space' With Ruud van der Peijl, Risk Hazekamp, Jacquie Maria Wessels, Erwin Venema, Merel Zwart, Sabrina van den Heuvel, Jasper Groen, Wouter van den Brink, Annick Ligtermoet, Victor de Castro, Anya van Lit & Sophie Morner.

2008, Exhibition 'Green Spaces' in the Photography Center of Thessaloniki Greece, 9 karaiskaki, Sukies, 56626 , Thessaloniki, Greece

March 2003, Review in the Volkskrant about the group exhibition "Zwart-wit kleur" at the Amsterdams Historisch Museum in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

1997, Publication in Literary Magazine 'Lust & Gratie', Nr 2/1997

1997, De Foto-Documentaire Opdrachten van de Provincie Noord-Holland - Wonen by Jacquie Maria Wessels.

October 1995, Review in Ons Amsterdam 'Foto's voor de stad, 1993 - 1994' - Eating in Public Spaces.