Memory Master Tree Installation at BIG Art 2021 | September 30 - October 3, 2021

Jacquie Maria Wessels 'Memory Master Tree Installation' consists of six works from the analogue photo series Memory Master including: Memory Master #16 Tree Rotterdam NL 2012; Memory Master #25 Tree Capri Italy 2016; Memory Master #22 Tree Sicily 2012; Memory Master #52 Tree Japan 2018; Memory Master #58 Tree Nikko Japan 2018; Memory Master #68 South Africa 2019.

Memory Master represents the memory of places you might have been. Mostly the memory is not clear with precise detail. It can work as an afterimage, vague sometimes with patches... The mysterious images evoke an atmosphere of vanishing memories. Jacquie Maria Wessels made the photo works with an analogue 35mm camera of special places during her many travels around the world but also closer to home, although the geographical context of the scenes remains indefinite. The result are painterly and poetic images.

The 'Memory Master Tree Installation' comprises a selection of photos concentrating on trees. Details of the trees are barely perceptible, yet each photo expresses its own atmosphere. This installation plays with the idea that the memories may be captured by the trees as witnesses of what passes. The photos are printed on large silk flowing fabrics, emphasizing the fragile, ephemeral and poetic character of the works.

Installation view 'Memory Master Tree Installation'

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