MIA Fair Milan 2023, Italy

The International Photography Art Fair in Italy

March 23 - 26, 2023

Galerie Baudelaire is proud to present a solo show with photography by Jacquie Maria Wessels [NL] from her new series 'Fringe Nature'. Her painterly images with a surprising color palette and lighting are as rough as they are poetic. For 'Fringe Nature', Wessels captures the meagre bits of natural world that endures in the harsh, industrial landscapes on the outskirts of the cities. During her other project 'Garage Stills', Wessels gradually began to feel the need for contact with nature while photographing the wondrous universe of traditional garages. Although the viewer’s sensation is one of being immersed in a wild and natural place, small details within these images betray the presence of a factory or auto repair garage. Her precisely composed analogue photographs show nature’s drive to reclaim its own space. The GARAGE FACES on show are part of Wessels’ 'Garage Stills' series. If you look closely you can discover ‘hidden faces’ in these works.

Address: Milano, SUPERSTUDIO MAXI (via Moncucco) | 23 - 26 March 2023.

MIA Fair 2023 Jacquie Maria Wessels Galerie Baudelaire
MIA Fair 2023 Jacquie Maria Wessels Galerie Baudelaire

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