The B-side | Visserhallen IJmuiden (NL) | 22 May - 17 July 2022

Jacquie Maria Wessels' 'Cityscapes' are on show in the group exhibition 'the B-Side' at the Visserhallen in IJmuiden [NL]. 24 photographers from home and abroad give their interpretation of the concept of 'the backside'. Some do this, for example, by literally showing the usually hidden back of a building or row of houses. Others took the theme less literally and show the downside of our society in their photos.

For the analogue photo series 'Cityscapes', Wessels photographed in Paramaribo, the capital of Suriname, city scenes dominated by typical Surinamese murals: hand-painted advertisements containing hyper-realistic images of, among other things, tools, soup cans, oatmeal, sausages and incentives such as 'Do your best at school' ..... The works show the architecture and how residents of the city appropriate the space. This carefully composed analogue photo series is sometimes alienating and surreal and captures a cultural and economic image of time in Paramaribo.

Participating artists: Dirk Kome, Fred Hoerr, Mischa Keijser, Roel Backaert, Jacquie Maria Wessels, Dave Bouw, Bob Negryn, Jos Peters, Pieter van Geest, Sietse Postma, Dolph Kessler, Murray Maffra, Markus Lehr, Karin van Ingen Schenau, Joni Spaan, Roelie Wilms, Jacqueline Dubois, Anita Oosterloo, Tine Feenstra, Cor Boers, Hendrik Lietmann, Martin van der Giesen, Sander Smits, Hans Brinkman.

Visserhallen, Duinstraat 4, 1975 DC IJmuiden, the Netherlands. Open: Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 13.00 - 17.00 h.

Cityscape #10 Paramaribo Suriname Jacquie Maria Wessels

@Jacquie Maria Wessels, Cityscape #10 Paramaribo - Suriname, 2008

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