Van GoghGalerie - Solo exhibition 'Memory Master, VINCENT VAN GOGH GARDEN'

August 2023

Last July 2023, Jacquie Maria Wessels worked in the guest studio of the Van GoghHuis in Zundert, the Netherlands. The results of the artist in residence will be presented at the Van GoghGalerie in August. After a month-long stay in the sexton's house next to the little church in Zundert where Vincent van Gogh's father preached, Jacquie Maria Wessels created works that draw onto memories of the young Vincent's likely observations. Born in Zundert, Vincent van Gogh played as a child in the garden near the church and the surrounding area where there is plenty of nature. Some of the old trees still living there today he probably used to see as a child. With this in mind, Wessels photographed this environment as you might remember it afterwards. This is usually not razor-sharp but with patches, contours and colours linked to the atmosphere of the place. The analogue photos show an impression of this nature, a subject that appeared frequently in Van Gogh's later works. The photographs are printed on XL supple moving light silk fabrics which emphasises the image of poetic elusive afterimages. In addition to these photographs, Jacquie Maria Wessels studied elements of Van Gogh's early life by drawing them and combining them with photographs.

Address: Van GoghGalerie, Elisabethlaan 1a, 4881 DA Zundert, the Netherlands

Invitation Van GoghGalerie Jacquie Maria Wessels

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