BIG ART 2022 - Garage Face Installation

Hembrug, Zaandam (NL)

24 june - 26 june 2022

At BIG ART 2022 Jacquie Maria Wessels shows her new 'Garage Face Installation 2022', a composition of six works from the analogue photo series 'Garage Stills' including: Garage Still #10.2/2017 Sri Lanka, Garage Still #10.3/2017 Sri Lanka, Garage Still #10.4/2014 Amsterdam NL, Garage Still #12.5/2017 Sri Lanka, Garage Still #03.4/2015 Amsterdam NL and Garage Still #10/2013 Amsterdam NL.

The works in this installation are a special edition within the series 'Garage Stills' and are printed XL on Metallic Dibond that reflects light. The mirror element of the works refers to the ‘hidden faces’ you can see in the works, if you look closely. The installation plays with light and motion. When you walk past the installation you can see the reflections come to live with shadows, light and dynamics.

For her project 'Garage Stills', Wessels is looking for old garages from all over the world, fascinated and intrigued by the shapes and colours of the mysterious objects she discovers along the way. In the interiors of the traditional garages she found from Amsterdam to Sri Lanka, she stages her newly discovered materials into a collage-like image. The still lifes that arise subsequently are remarkable in terms of colour and often have a playful appeal.

The still lifes shown in the 'Garage Face Installation' have a particular composition and give a face to the garages. You can feel the presence of the mechanics even though they are not in the picture, the atmosphere and the hustle and bustle of their working environment are frozen in a fixed picture.